Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano

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  • Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano with 88 keys with graded hammer standard (GHS)
  • 10 stereo sampled voices
  • Dual mode – two sounds can be combined
  • Duo function – the keyboard can be split into two identical sections making it perfect for a student to follow and copy the teachers hands
  • USB to host port for connection with computer
  • A great selection of acoustic piano sounds to choose from as well as other instruments including electric pianos, strings, organs, vibraphone and harpsichord
  • Realistic touch and responsive

Yamaha P-45B Digital Piano Review


Having played the Yamaha P-45B digital piano numerous times I found the sound to be fantastic and extremely realistic when compared to an acoustic piano. The 12 watts that you get from the two speakers is also more than enough for home use.

The excellent range of piano sounds that you can choose from are fun to explore, and allows the player to choose the type of piano sound they prefer. The other instruments, including electric piano and strings, are also great fun. My personal favourite is being able to combine the piano and strings together to make a wonderful mellow sound which you can’t get with an acoustic.

To understand just how good this piano sounds, watch this video:

Touch and feel

The touch and feel of this piano is excellent, and you can really tell that no expense has been spared. Often you expect a piano of this price range to struggle when it comes to sound and touch, but the Yamaha P-45 delivers with ease.

I have played hundreds of pianos over the years, ranging from £200 to £100,000, and to experience this kind of excellent response from the keys was a pleasant surprise. Especially for around £350!

The graded hammer standard effect (GHS) that is present with this piano makes a huge difference.

What is GHS?

When you come across a digital piano that has GHS, it basically means that the keys are heavier in the bass and get lighter as you move up the piano keys to the treble. This creates an extremely realistic action, and the touch and feel mimics that of an acoustic piano.


At around £350, this digital piano is perfect for a beginner who wants to spend a sensible amount of money on their pursuit of becoming a piano player. Sure, there are cheaper options, and maybe even the option of buying a keyboard if you are a little nervous about fully committing to a piano; but if you are confident that learning to play the piano is for you and that you’ll still be going strong in a few years time, then the Yamaha P-45 is an excellent choice, and one that you won’t regret.


One of my students recently bought this piano and hasn’t stopped talking about it since. He came to me for lessons and was serious right from the off, but naturally didn’t want to spend too much money. When I showed him the Yamaha P-45, he couldn’t believe that he was able to get a proper piano with the full 88 weighted keys for so little money.

Most people assume that buying a piano will cost a fortune, but technology has moved on so much these days that digital pianos provide a far better quality for the money in comparison with an acoustic. The Yamaha P-45 is also quite light and easy to transport, and doesn’t hardly take up any room.

Not only perfect for a beginner, but experienced professionals who teach and gig can enjoy this model as it can easily switch from a home piano to a stage piano in minutes.

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