Yamaha NP32 Piaggero Digital Piano


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  • Yamaha NP32 Piaggero Digital Piano with 76 key Graded Soft Touch (GST)
  • New stereo grand piano sound
  • USB to host connectivity
  • 64-note polyphony
  • Song recorder function

Yamaha NP32 Piaggero Digital Piano review


If you’ve read my review and description of the Yamaha NP12 Piaggero Digital Piano, then you may be keen to know what the differences are in sound. Well, my fairly keen ears notices that the sound is slightly better – as you would expect for the next model up.

However, it is only a slight difference and not one that you would really notice. I played them both side by side in our local music shop to help with this review, and it is only then that you can tell the slight difference.

The 10 voices that this digital piano offers is a great addition to any digital piano. Most people assume that learning to play the piano only requires a piano, which may be true. However, these additional voices make the Yamaha NP32 much more versatile – and a lot more fun!

The electric piano sounds are fantastic, and the inclusion of strings and organs means you can literally spend hours and hours playing all sorts of things. Sure, if you’re a beginner and you don’t think you’re going to need anything else other than the piano sound, then you don’t have to cycle through the other sounds. But trust me when I say how much fun they are!

Don’t just take my word on how good this piano is, listen to what Jamie Cullum has to say by watching this video:

Touch and feel

Although the Yamaha NP32 doesn’t have fully weighted keys, the ‘soft touch’ graded keyboard that it does come with is excellent. Again, it’s all about considering the value for money that you get for something so inexpensive, and I certainly would not complain if I owed one of these.

I have played the piano for many years, so you can imagine how fussy I am when it comes to the touch and feel of a piano. I have no problems however with this one, and although it isn’t classed as a weighted keyboard, the play-ability is just fine.

One of the biggest features of this digital piano, when compared to its previous model the Yamaha NP12, is the inclusion of 76 keys. The NP12 has 61, so if you do decide to go for this model you are getting additional keys.

Is this important? Well, it depends on the level you’re at right now as a pianist. If you are still a beginner and haven’t been playing for that long, then 61 keys is more than enough, and will be for a few years. However, if you are a fairly experienced player or better, then 76 keys may be a better choice as you begin to expand your range on the keys.


At around £280 this digital piano offers a nice upgrade to the Yamaha NP12 which offers a very similar sound, but fewer keys. The additional keys that this digital piano offers, as well as a slightly better sound (albeit very minimal), makes this a good upgrade to consider.

The introduction of ‘soft touch’ graded keys may also be worth considering when comparing it to the Yamaha NP12, which has the standard ‘piano/keyboard’ style keys.


Overall this piano is fantastic, and definitely worth considering if you are just starting out. The 76 keys are more than enough, and the stereo sampled piano sound, along with the other voices is great.

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