Melissa & Doug 11315 Grand Piano

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  • Melissa & Doug 11315 Grand Piano
  • 30 keys
  • Classically styled kid-sized grand piano
  • Songbook included
  • Colour coded key stickers above notes
  • Seat included

Melissa & Doug 11315 Grand Piano review

This little funky Melissa & Doug 11315 Grand Piano grand piano is designed for children to learn and have fun. I am 6 foot tall, and whilst that isn’t considered that tall by today’s standards, it does mean that I couldn’t sit down on the included seat to test this one out. It’s very small and wouldn’t benefit me of course. However, that didn’t stop me having a go to find out what this little grand piano has to offer.


The most important thing you need to consider before buying this piano is that it doesn’t make a synthetic recorded piano sound. Instead, it makes a bell noise. This could put some parents off from buying this, but I understand where they are going with this. The concept of this piano is for children to have fun, and although I was surprised with the bell sound as I was expected a recorded piano tone, I can honestly say that I completely get it.

This kids grand piano isn’t meant to sound great and have the latest speakers with headphones connections and such, like you would get on an electronic keyboard. It’s designed to look good and make the child want to sit and play. It does look great, and although I would recommend an electronic keyboard if you wanted a better sound, you may just find that your child is more drawn to something like this because of how it looks.

If you are curious as to how this piano sounds, watch this video. You will also get to learn baby shark, and what child in the world doesn’t love that song!

Touch and feel

The keys are very light as you would imagine, and your child would find them very easy to play. They also have a kind of springiness to them as well which gives it a nicer feel. My initial impression is that the keys are designed to be able to hit them hard, so if your child is feeling a little aggressive and wants to give them a good old bash – then let them loose!


The main feature of this kids piano is that it looks like a mini grand. You can also lift up the lid like you would on a real grand piano for extra effective. It would look great sat in the corner of your child’s bedroom or toy room, especially with the funky stool.

The overall quality looks very durable, and let’s face it – it has to be! When your child sits and plays this you want to be confident that it won’t break or damage easily. You can tell that the whole piano including the stool is very sturdy, and the keys can of course be hit really hard without any problems.

This grand piano comes with a songbook and matches the stickers you see above the keys. So your child can very quickly play their favourite songs by simply finding the right key on their piano from the book. Colours have been proven to help with the learning experience, and I can see that a lot of thought has gone into making it as easy as possible for a child to find the right notes.


I would say that at around £100 this mini grand piano sits at the premium end. But you do get good value for money if this is what you are looking for. There are lots of other options out there if you want your child to learn how to play the keyboard, and for much less than £100 you can get an electronic keyboard which has loads more sounds, headphone capabilities, and much more. But for a young toddler this would be ideal as it keeps things simple.

So if you’re looking to introduce your child to something that looks great and is a lot of fun – then go for it!

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Melissa & Doug

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30 keys

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