DP-70U Upright Digital Piano by Gear4Music


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  • DP-70U Upright Digital Piano by Gear4Music
  • 88 Weighted Keys with Hammer Action
  • 11 Voices – Layer & Split Functions
  • USB & Jack I/O connections
  • Fantastic design will complement any decor
  • Numerous effects including reverb and chorus
  • Includes 3 traditional piano pedals (including sustain)

DP-70U Review

The DP70U Upright Digital Piano is an excellent choice for a beginner or someone who is progressing through the early grades. The hammer action weighted keys give the feeling of a traditional piano, whilst the classic upright appearance is stylish and looks fantastic in the home.

There is a little assembly which you should be aware of and it is definitely easier with two people – particularly lifting the top part. But this small amount of additional effort is rewarded with a piano that looks and sounds absolutely beautiful, for a brilliant price.

The approximate dimensions are:

Width – 17 +3/4 inches (45cm)
Length – 53 + 3/4 inches (1365mm)
Height – 39 + 3/8 inches (1m)


At around £600 you would expect a good sound – and you certainly get it. Although £600 isn’t a lot to spend on a digital piano, it still delivers an amazing high quality piano tone. If you are looking to spend this kind of money on a piano then I would definitely recommend looking into this one. At this price point I was expecting to get at least a good sound, as I have tested lots of pianos over the years at this budget. However, I was presently surprised to hear how much better it was than my initial expectations. When comparing this lesser known model to more established manufacturers like Yamaha and Casio, I can confidently confirm it matches them easily.

There are additional voices that feature on this piano, like organ and strings – but I wouldn’t worry too much about those unless you are keen to try them out. I myself often dabble with the other available sounds, but you would be disappointed if you expected a high quality tone like you get with a specialised keyboard. This is a digital piano that focuses all its efforts into providing a realistic grand piano sound – and it delivers on that promise.

If you want to find out how this piano sounds, please go to this video:

Touch and feel

The DP-70U upright digital piano features the standard 88 keys as you would expect to see on an upright acoustic or grand piano, but also has another nice feature. Just to clarify, the keys are of course touch responsive. The hammer action is an awesome feature that’s been included, which you don’t often see at this price point. But what is hammer action?

When playing on a real acoustic piano you will feel through the keys how the hammer strikes the strings. This added little touch makes the overall experience far more realistic and isn’t something you often see on a digital piano, and certainly not on a keyboard.

The overall touch and feel is excellent and you can also adjust the touch responsive with three handy settings – soft, medium and hard.


When I tested this piano I was expecting to find a few flaws with it being a lesser known make – but I was so wrong! Of course you can still go with the usual manufacturers like Yamaha, Casio and Roland, but if you have a budget of around £600 for a digital piano for the home then you don’t need to look any further. I can assure any buyer out there that they will not be disappointed and certainly shouldn’t overlook this make of piano.

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