Mylek Portable Electronic Keyboard (61 keys) with Stand, Headphones and Microphone

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  • Mylek Portable Electronic Keyboard with 61 piano size keys – semi weighted
  • LED display
  • Music stand, keyboard stand, headphones and microphone included
  • 300 voices and 300 accompaniment rhythms
  • 30 demo songs and 3 teaching modes
  • Transpose and metronome function
  • Record and playback function
  • Powered by mains or batteries (play anyway)
  • Ref SDKEY23

Mylek Portable Electronic Keyboard review

When I first saw this Mylek Portable Electronic Keyboard I should confess that I hadn’t heard of this make. Typically most consumers would go for popular brands, like Yamaha, Roland and Casio. But that doesn’t mean to say that you should dismiss the Mylek 61 as it packs a huge amount of features into such a small price. At the end of the day this has to compete with those huge names, and the only way is to match or even exceed the quality of its rivals. Read on to find out if it can keep pace.

Mylek Portable Electronic Keyboard – Sound and features

Keyboards are very different to pianos. Although you can see they have the same black and white keys, the true difference lies in two main things. The first is the feel of the keys – keyboards are either semi or not weighted at all. They are easier to push down but lack the depth needed to play quickly, which is where a piano comes into its own. The second main difference is that a keyboard has a huge number of voices and a rhythm/accompaniment function. An acoustic piano can only give you a piano sound. A digital piano can provide piano and other sounds, like strings, organs and so on. But a keyboard will give you pretty much any instrument you can think of. In the case of the Mylek 61 you can 300 voices and 300 rhythms.

To use a keyboard to its full potential you need to start one of the rhythms and then play a chord in the left hand. This will then create the sound of a band or orchestra, and you can then play along with your right hand. I tested out a few rhythms and voices and they all sounded very authentic. Keyboards are a lot of fun and you can spend literally hours cycling through all the different styles and instruments. You will be hard pressed to find a keyboard for less than £100 that has this many – 300 of each is just insane.


You also get some great accessories thrown into the already great price – headphones, music stand, and microphone. I tried out the headphones in the shop and they were actually better than I thought they would be. Sure, they are a cheap set because Mylek aren’t going to through a premium pair of headphones in for this price – but they get the job done, and they do it well. I wouldn’t personally bother buying another set as these are perfectly fine.

The music stand is always a nice feature. But what I love about the extras is that you also get a keyboard stand complete with logo. It looks really cool, and I think it’s important that Mylek offer this kind of package to compete will more popular models out there. At around £75 you literally get everything, so you don’t have to shop around for a stand or a set of headphones which are always needed when you buy a keyboard. Being able to click a button and have everything delivered the next day in one box makes life much easier.

Price and summary

Overall this is a great package, and at around £80-£100 you’d be hard pressed to beat this. If you are unsure of the name Mylek, then don’t be. You are under warranty just like any other make of keyboard in case something goes wrong. But I very much doubt it will. I have owned lots of keyboards and pianos over the years and fortunately I have never had the slightest problem.

Packed with hundreds of sounds and rhythms this lesser known make of keyboard is a diamond in the rough. It shouldn’t be overlooked and you should give it serious consideration if you are in the market for a keyboard less than £100. Other manufacturers fail to deliver all of the goodies you see here today in one package, so consider that when shopping around.

Another fantastic keyboard you must check out is the Alesis Melody 61 – it comes with headphones, music stand, stool and microphone – what an amazing deal for around £99.99!!!

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