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  • Roland FP-10 digital piano with 88 weighted keys
  • Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL sound engine
  • Real acoustic piano touch and ivory feel
  • Headphones connectivity and quiet keyboard action
  • Built-in Bluetooth and MIDI/USB connectivity – connect to Garageband and DAW software
  • Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app – conveniently select sounds and more from your smartphone
  • Includes DP-2 foot pedal as standard

Roland FP-10 review

Roland have a habit of making fantastic digital pianos, and they’ve done it again here. The only downside to this review is that I wish I could have bought the Roland FP-10 15 years ago when I used to go on the road and gig! To find out more about the FP-10 and why I enjoyed playing it, read on.


If you are looking to spend around £300-400 on a digital piano but still want an authentic and realistic sound, then this could just be for you. If you haven’t played a Roland before then you probably familiar with Yamaha or Casio. The difference between the Roland and its competition is that I find it has a richer and deeper sound to it. This is of course personal preference and it doesn’t mean to say it has a better sound than anything else – but you can certainly tell when you are listening to a Roland.

For such a small and portable digital piano the FP-10 still packs a punch. The speakers are great and can be used in the home or even for a small gig. However, you probably want to take advantage of connecting this piano to an amplifier if you are at a larger gig or even if you want to connect it through some speakers at home for a more enhanced sound. But the speakers get the job done if you are considering buying this for your home.

To hear how rich this piano sounds, here’s a video demo:

Touch and feel

Again, the Roland doesn’t disappoint and you can tell there is a difference between this and other models. It feels steady, secure and allowed me to play quickly and confidently. Some digital pianos at this price point struggle to keep up with fast playing and leave the player feeling a little unsure about the action. But this isn’t the case with the Roland FP-10, and for those of you out there that are advanced players and are looking for a realistic and affordable home or stage piano, you are in safe hands.

Of course, a beginner wouldn’t go wrong with something like this either. The FP-10 isn’t just for advanced players and is also the perfect quality instrument to get you started. This is what I love about digital pianos  – they are for everyone no matter what the level. With 88 weighted keys and a great all round action, I was very happy indeed with my time on the Roland FP-10.


As with most if not all modern digital pianos you get additional sounds to the standard concert grand you would expect – including organ, electric pianos and strings. I personally like to use these additional voices from time to time, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker if they weren’t there. This is a digital piano and not a keyboard, so its main focus is the piano sound and tone. It is however great fun to layer piano with strings and play ballads, or select an electric piano and pretend you are Ray Charles for a few minutes.


Priced very reasonable at around £380 the Roland FP-10 sits exactly where it should be. It’s a high quality digital piano that you would certainly pay £380 for without a moments thought. If you are looking for something to have at home and/or to play in a local band or even professionally on stage, this piano will serve you well. I just wish I could go back in time and swap it for the Yamaha I used to gig with!

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