Axus Digital AXD2 Digital Piano

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  • Axus Digital AXD2 Digital Piano with Full 88 keys
  • Real graded hammer action
  • 3 gold pedals – soft/sostenuto/sustain
  • Additional voices including – electric piano, organ, strings, brass and many more
  • Song recording function
  • Reverb and chorus with level control
  • Layer and split functions
  • Key transpose feature
  • Sound options – customisable master tune, touch, sound balance and master volume
  • MIDI connection to connect to a PC or Mac
  • Dimensions: 146cm x 87.4cm x 51cm

Axus AXD2 review

Axus AXD2 sound

My first impressions of the Axus Digital AXD2 was that it looked fantastic, and exactly how a digital piano should look. It’s extremely stylish and the overall build quality seems great. You can certainly tell that no expense has been spared when making this piano. But more importantly, how does it sound?

Well, the Axus AXD2 continues to impress as it not only looks great but sounds great too. The first thing I look for when testing out a digital piano is how good the piano voice sounds. It makes no difference to me if it’s gold plated and has millions of features – if the piano sound isn’t great, then it’s time to look elsewhere!

There are lots of words I could use to describe the piano sound to give you an idea of what I noticed – rich, bright, earthy bass, and so on. Sometimes you find with budget digital pianos that the piano sound can be a little tinny, but not so here.

Of course, it’s important to realise that I am reviewing the sound whilst fully aware of the price. There are of course lots of digital pianos out there that sound better, but they tend to start at least double the price of this one. So you really can’t complain when you listen to how it sounds for the money.

There are also lots of other additional sounds to play around with, like organs, electric pianos, percussion etc. Some people don’t bother with these additional voices and only use the piano voice. However, if you do like to play with these other sounds you will also be pleased. Again, nothing here sounds cheap or budget, even though the price is.

Axus AXD2 touch and feel

It’s pretty good to be fair! A lot better than I thought it would be. The keys are certainly expressive and reactive, which is extremely important for any level pianist.

There is a nice weight and feel to the keys which you wouldn’t expect to see at this price level. Even a professional pianist would find this easy going and responsive. Again, you can tell that the manufacturers have really pulled out all the stops and haven’t neglected anything.

The addition of ‘real graded hammer action’ is also a welcome surprise. This again is another feature which you would never usually see for this price level. It does really make me wonder how they’ve managed to fit all this in.

Axus AXD2 features

For a digital piano I personally like to play around with all the other voices as well as the piano sound. For example, I love combining strings with piano for ballad songs or movie themes, and I didn’t think this piano would allow that feature. I wouldn’t have found it a problem if it didn’t – but surprise surprise – it does!

The USP for this digital piano for me however is the inclusion of auto accompaniment. This allows you to choose from lots of different backing styles and drum beats to play along too. Another great feature to have!

There is a song recording function which I’m a huge fan of. Not many people tend to use this, but I find it extremely useful when I’m teaching as I can let the student listen back to their own performance. You can of course also connect the piano to a PC or Mac and transfer your recordings so you can upload them if you wish.

And the features just don’t stop there! You also get a fold down lid to put your piano to sleep at night. Three pedals – sustain, sostenuto, and soft, as well as some storage space in the stool for sheet music. They have literally thought of everything!

Axus AXD2 price

I’ve already mentioned a few times that this is a ‘budget’ digital piano, which often means you are sacrificing a few things. But the Axus AXD2 breaks the mold, and not only offers an affordable route to learning the piano, but also provides high quality.

The overall build of the piano is great, and doesn’t look or feel cheap in any way. The sound is good, and the touch and feel is excellent. There are far too many features to include in this review, which just about sums up this piano.

It doesn’t make sense that it’s only £550. I just can’t quite get my head around how they’ve managed to create something of such a high quality for half the price you’d usually expect to spend. I can now stop recommending second hand pianos to my students and let them know about this amazing digital piano. And that word for me sums it up perfectly – AMAZING 🙂

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