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  • 61 full size piano keys
  • Velocity-sensitive key action – volume responds to how hard you play the keys
  • Bluetooth APP connection – self-learning with smart apps
  • Rechargeable battery – 4 hours charging provides 12 hours continuous playing
  • Portable and convenient to use and perfect for at home or taking outside
  • Fantastic sound and features – 128 tones, 128 rhythms, 15 demo songs and 61 percussion sounds
  • Can connect microphone, headphones, and sustain pedal
  • Recording function and much more
  • Compact and portable size
  • Elegant white piano/keyboard with concise control panel design
  • Dimensions – 35.2″ X 7″ X 2.6″
  • Lightweight 7.8 lbs
  • Comes with a 5mm padded bag carry case – extremely easy and lightweight to transport anywhere

Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano review

What amazes me when reviewing keyboards and pianos for a living is how small, lightweight and compact they become every year. Some digital pianos seem to be taking the same route as smartphones. The focus for some models seems to be heavily on portability and overall compactness. The Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano certainly fits into the category of compact and portable, and it’s one of the smallest pianos I’ve ever seen! So what market is this little piano aimed at? Let’s find out!


The issue that some compact and portable digital piano’s have is how they are going to create a good sound with the smallest of speakers. The Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano essentially looks like at doesn’t have speakers. But the sound does still seem to come out from somewhere, which I guess is all that matters! It does however sound a little muffled, but is certainly acceptable. Don’t forget, the Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano is meant to be as compact as possible, so sound is always going to suffer a little. Comparing this piano to one which is more expensive and has large speakers attached, you lose the portability and gain better sound. That’s the trade off which some are willing to make, but others might find that transportation is more important.

Overall though the sound is a lot better than I would expect of something so compact and lightweight. The Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano certainly does as good as it can with the overall size on offer. One thing I did notice was that the piano sounded pretty good when amplified through a speaker. The main piano sound also sounds much richer through headphones, which a lot of people use nowadays anyway.

The additional sounds you get on this piano are also fairly adequate and make the Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano a lot more versatile and fun. Almost every digital piano nowadays comes with additional voices, like organs, strings, electric pianos, and so on. It was a little unexpected to find so many additional sounds on this piano, so that’s certainly a big plus point.

To hear what this compact piano can do, here’s a great demo!

Touch and feel

As a professional pianist I am accustomed to the weight and feel of a real piano. The Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano doesn’t offer this, but it does offer what I would call a ‘semi-weighted’ key action. This is to be expected for a digital piano of this price point and size, so that isn’t a problem. If you are looking for a fully weighted action then you would have to spend possibly at least double.

I had a lot of fun on the Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano, and the touch and overall feel on this was absolutely fine. An intermediate to advanced player may find the action frustrating, but then I don’t believe this keyboard/piano hybrid is specifically aimed at that market. I will explain more on who I feel would benefit from this instrument in the summary section below.


Let’s start with the 61 keys. The total amount of keys a real piano has is 88, so we are short by 27. Again, an advanced pianist would find this frustrating and would require more keys some of the time, depending on the piece. But there is still a huge market for a 61 key keyboard/piano hybrid, and this still ticks many boxes. Don’t forget, as a beginner you would not find very many pieces that take you past the 61 keys you have with the Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano. So it will likely not matter for many players starting out on their journey to learn either keyboard or piano.

There are a huge number of features on the Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano. With this many features I would comfortable class this instrument as a sort of keyboard/piano hybrid. The accompaniment style with the chords in the left hand, the amount of rhythms and voices – this all points towards a keyboard style of playing. One of the main features is the ability to connect via Bluetooth to your laptop, tablet or smartphone. There are a ton of apps nowadays that you can connect your keyboard or piano too which are a lot of fun. For more information, here are the Best online piano lessons 2021.


You can connect a microphone, headphones and a sustain pedal – which is a fantastic feature to have. It’s become very popular nowadays to use headphones when practising. This is mainly so you can ensure you don’t disturb the rest of the house, but it’s also worth noting that the Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano sounds better through headphones or an amplifier – which can also be connected. Sustain pedal connectivity opens up this hybrid to move over from the keyboard style of playing to piano. Sustain pedals are a key component of pianos and are not widely used with keyboards. So it’s great to have that option in case you do want to experiment or practise proper piano pieces on the Vangoa.


The Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano has been specifically designed to be lightweight, compact, affordable, and extremely portable. This is the main goal of this instrument, and if you are looking for something that ticks one or all of these boxes – then this may be perfect for you. Remember, if you are looking for an 88 key digital piano that will mainly be static and rarely ever moved, then the Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano is likely not for you. However, this doesn’t mean to say that the price point at less than £120 isn’t attractive. So if you don’t want to spend £250 or more, then you may still want to give this serious consideration.

Overall the Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano is aimed at someone who may not have much room in their house or flat. You could play this instrument on your lap, on your bed, on your desk, and just about anywhere! You also get a carry bag to make things even easier. It takes about a minute to pack away the keyboard into the case and is very lightweight and easy to carry. The bag is good quality and looks like it would last a very long time.


One of the most attractive features of the Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano is its ability to recharge. Around 4 hours of charging time is needed, which will give you approximately 12 hours of playing time. This could be a game changer for some, and with the ability to play absolutely anywhere it could be the perfect combination.

Price and summary

At the time of writing this review the price is around £120. I feel this is just about right for what you get. There are a ton of features that come with this keyboard/piano. Bluetooth, rechargeable batteries, full size piano keys, carry case, and much more. So you are certainly getting a lot of value for money.

The Vangoa VGD611 61 key portable piano is specifically aimed at someone who is looking to either a) travel a lot with a piano, and/or b) has very little room for a full sized acoustic or even digital 88 note piano. Overall I was happy with what was on offer with this instrument.

If you’re specifically looking for a keyboard at a similar price point, check out the Alesis Melody 61 MKII. Want to spend around £200? The Alesis Recital 88 key digital piano may just be for you!

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