DP-10X Digital Piano by Gear4music


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  • DP-10X Digital Piano by Gear4music with 88 keys with hammer action keyboard
  • 24 voices
  • Reverb and chorus effects
  • Layer functionality – two voices at once
  • Two headphone outputs
  • 3 pedals including sustain
  • Ability to record up to two separate tracks
  • Improved control panel
  • Sleek wooden cabinet
  • Perfect for the home

DP-10X Digital Piano review

The DP-10X Digital Piano is another great offering from the guys at Gear4music – and I couldn’t wait to test it out. This digital piano is specifically for the home and isn’t designed for travel or stage. As such, the price is pushing close to the £400 mark which is quite a good chunk of money for any instrument. Let’s see what I thought of this nice looking piano.


What I always look for (or listen out for) in the sound when I test a digital piano is the richness and earthiness of the bass, and the brightness as I move up the piano. Also, how harsh does it sound when played loudly and does it allow the performer to play extremely softly too. Some digital pianos struggle to maintain an authentic sound the more you listen to them, mainly because of the quality of speakers. But this doesn’t struggle at all. It sounds great and has a modern tone to it that I’ve noticed more and more digital pianos are taking on in recent years.

One thing I don’t usually like with closed pianos like this one is that the sound can often sound muffled. I usually prefer to buy a digital stage piano which has the speakers on the top. The sound can then hit you in the face so nothing is lost. But on these home styled digital pianos the sound is often obstructed by the frame. This fairs just fine and the sound still carries nicely and isn’t compromised.

Here’s a wonderful example of what it sounds like so you can appreciate what I heard:

Touch and feel

There are 88 weighted keys which have hammer action effect. This means they have a nice authentic acoustic piano feel to them. I would expect to see this for around £400, so if you are looking to spend that kind of money then don’t settle for anything less.

Having played the piano for a good amount of time I am happy with the overall feel. What I really liked was the look of the piano as you played. Although this seems rather irrelevant when it comes to the sound and feel of a piano, it does make a difference to your motivation. I have played on a stage piano for many years and I do sometimes miss the bulkiness which comes with a home piano like this one. You can of course go one step further and buy a real acoustic to get even more for your money, but that would set you back a lot more than £400 and would likely not sound as crisp or as accurate as a digital would.


This digital piano has all the expected features, like chorus and reverb effects, and split and layer functions that allow you to play two instruments at the same time or split the piano. But there are also some extra features which you don’t always see on a model of this price, like 3 pedals (although most players only need the sustain), recording functions, transpose function, and 24 voices. Typically you only see around 8-10 extra instruments on a digital piano, like strings, organs, electric pianos, vibraphone, and so on. So having 24 is a bonus, but not everybody would care for this.

So you get a nice package here with the DP-10X for around £400 and it also looks great with the rosewood styling. Certainly a perfect piano for the home that wouldn’t take up too much space and wouldn’t look out of place with the rest of your decor.


I would say that the DX-10 is priced very reasonably. It certainly isn’t the cheapest digital piano on the market, but it isn’t the most expensive either. If you look at much cheaper models ranging from around £200-300 you may wonder why you should pay more for this model. There are some nice differences, but mainly it comes down to the overall sound, feel, and sturdiness of the custom frame the keyboard sits in. If you buy a digital piano that doesn’t come with a stand then you have to either buy a custom metal one or even the manufacturers own wooden one which screws on like this.

If you are looking for a budget digital piano for the home that comes with the stand and is ready to go straight into the dining or living room – then this is it. A great sound, a great feel, a reasonable price and a solid performance!

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