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  • Multifunctional 61 key electric portable keyboard
  • Made of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly plastic
  • Designed for the beginner to intermediate level player
  • Provides a traditional piano and organ feel for versatile learning and an exciting acoustic playing
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Features record and playback function
  • 200 voices, 200 rhythms and 60 demo songs
  • Headphone connectivity for quiet practise
  • Dual Power Supply – uses the 100-240 volt power adapter 
  • Also takes 6 AA batteries (not included)
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Music stand
  • Mini microphone

Zhruns 61 key electric keyboard review

Today we take a look at the Zhruns 61 key electric keyboard and see how it holds up for the price. As with all my reviews I will be running through how it sounds and some of the important features. I will also be looking at the price and if it’s worth spending your hard earned cash on. So here we go!


As with all of my reviews I try to ensure I keep things in perspective. There is obviously no point in comparing the sound of this keyboard to something more expensive, like the Yamaha PSR-E463. So although you may come across some reviews that say the sound isn’t great, you have to remember that the Zhruns 61 key electric keyboard is less than £100. Anything under this price bracket is going to have to sacrifice quality of sound, and usually a few features as well.

So how does this stack up against other keyboards under £100? Well, I would say it’s about the same. Most budget keyboards struggle to find a good quality piano sound, and you usually have to spend a lot more to find that. But as a keyboard that offers a lot of features, the sound is perfectly acceptable. Especially when you have to remember that this keyboard is aimed at the beginner market and could be very popular amongst parents buying for their children.

Authentic sound?

The Zhruns 61 key electric keyboard offers a lot of sounds to play around with. Some of them sound authentic, and a few others fall flat. Again, this is to be expected for around £75. With this keyboard aimed at the beginner, and possibly intermediate market, I would assure anyone buying it that they won’t be disappointed. So overall, a good solid sound across the board. The speakers are small, but do hold up to loud playing without too much distortion. You can of course plug in headphones which I always find improves the sound overall. And of course – great for practise!


Keyboards come as standard nowadays with lots of different voices/instruments, rhythms and demo songs. So with 200 voice and rhythms and 60 demo songs, there is a lot to enjoy. The record and playback function is also something I like to see at this price point. Recording your own compositions and playing them back is a lot of fun – especially for kids. But for those of you that takes things a little more seriously, the record feature is fantastic for fine tuning your playing. I often tell my students to record themselves and listen back, so they can get a sense of how they are doing and where they can make improvements. So the record feature is not only a lot of fun, but it’s also a great way to develop your musical skills!

As already mentioned, you can connect headphones to the Zhruns 61 key electric keyboard which has three main benefits. Firstly, I find when wearing headphones whilst practising I can cut out any exterior noise and really immerse myself in my own playing. Secondly, the sound is often crisper when using headphones and most people prefer it. Thirdly, anyone else living in the house isn’t disturbed and you can play to your heart’s content.

The Zhruns 61 key electric keyboard comes with a music stand and a small microphone. So if you fancy yourself the next Whitney Houston or Sam Cooke, then you can sing through the speakers and have a little karaoke session.

One final feature to mention is the ability to use AA batteries for power. There is of course the standard power adapter, but if you want to take the Zhruns 61 key electric keyboard on the road, you can install 6 AA batteries.

Price and summary

The Zhruns 61 key electric keyboard is currently around £75.00. I feel this is about right for the amount of features that you get, and the sound that if offers. If you’re looking to spend under £100 on a keyboard that offers a good amount of features and a good little pair of speakers, then the Zhruns 61 key electric keyboard is a great choice.

If you want to spend just a little more then the Alesis Melody 61 MKII is definitely worth a look. At only £99.99 there are ton of additional features, and you also get headphones, music stand, stool and microphone. A fantastic beginner package for all the family to enjoy!

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