RockJam RJ761-SK keyboard

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  • RockJam RJ761-SK keyboard with 61 full size keys
  • Free 3 month Skoove premium membership
  • Portable and compact design – suitable for any room in the home
  • Can be powered by both mains and batteries
  • Touch panel display
  • 200 voices and 200 rhythms
  • Teaching functions
  • 30 demo songs
  • Record and playback functionality
  • Superkit package includes music stand, padded seat, headphones and sustain pedal

RockJam RJ761-SK keyboard review

I’ve been dying to get my hands on the RockJam RJ761-SK keyboard keyboard for some time, and now I’ve finally managed to play one after visiting my local music shop. I can honestly say that RockJam have outdone themselves again, and continue to deliver a well priced and extremely well featured keyboard. Read on to find out about the sound, how it plays, and some of the amazing features.


I’ve played hundreds of pianos and keyboards over the years, so I always have high expectations when I sit down and play any keyboard based instrument. After playing the RJ761-SK I can say that I am presently surprised at how well it projects the preset tones and rhythms. Although you do not expect a high quality sound from such a small and cheap keyboard, it’s actually a lot better than you’d think.

Sure, for those out there that have played and owned pianos for many years you would instantly say the sound appears tinny and bright. However, you have to remember that this only costs around £100 and isn’t here to compete with a Yamaha digital piano that sells for hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Most of you reading this review will be checking the RockJam out because you are thinking of either taking up keyboard yourself or are considering purchasing this for your child as a Xmas or birthday present. This is the market this keyboard is designed for, and I can assure you the sound is more than adequate.

If you want to hear what this keyboard sounds like and what it can do, here is a fantastic video of someone playing the theme tune from Beverly Hills cop, or you may also know it as the Crazy Frog song. It sounds just like the real tune!

Touch and feel

The RockJam RJ761-SK has 61 full size keys, but be careful not to confuse the term ‘full size’ with ‘weighted’. There is a huge difference and you will never see weighted keys on a keyboard for this price for a very long time. I certainly didn’t expect to actually find full size keys for this price. 61 keys is also more than enough for many years.


With 200 sounds and 200 rhythms I had a hard time trying to test them all with the time I had. Anyone playing this keyboard for the first time would be amazed at the amount of things you can do. With record and playback features and inbuilt tutorials, this is the perfect keyboard for a beginner and/or child. This has all the bells and whistles you’d typically expect with a keyboard – and much more!

I actually didn’t realise until I was about to leave the shop that this also comes with a padded seat. In addition, a music stand, headphones and also a sustain pedal (holds down the sound until you let go). I honestly would have been happy to purchase this keyboard without any of those things, so I was shocked to find out what was also included.


If you’ve read my review you will have easily noticed that I love this keyboard. It delivers so much value for money and packs a huge amount of features. At around £100 at the time of writing this review it’s an absolute bargain. So if you are a beginner who’s looking to get started, or if you are a parent who wants their child to learn how to read music and learn an instrument – the RJ761-SK is the perfect place to start.

If you want to spend less, why not consider the RockJam RJ654 . At around £40-50 it has a ton of features. Check it out!

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No. of keys

61 keys

Key weight

Not weighted


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