RockJam RJ661 61 Key Teaching Piano Keyboard

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  • RockJam RJ661 keyboard with 61 full size keys
  • Compact digital keyboard
  • LCD screen and record and playback functionality
  • 100 keyboard voices
  • 100 rhythms and 50 demo songs
  • Comes with thick, padded adjustable stool and stand
  • Headphones
  • 30 free songs available on Piano Maestro iPad app

RockJam RJ661 review

Introduction and features

There is nothing quite like sitting at a keyboard and seeing all the different buttons and features – and the RockJam RJ661 doesn’t disappoint!

An ideal choice as a gift for Christmas or birthdays, or just if you feel like splashing out for yourself, a friend or a child – this is the perfect gift for all occasions.

With 100 voices, 100 rhythms and 50 demo songs, you can’t really go wrong if you are looking to not only learn to play the keyboard, but to have lots of fun too.

Typically this is bought for young children as a starter keyboard package, and with all the sounds and features this provides as well as a great padded stool and headphones, you don’t really need to worry about shopping around for anything else.

This keyboard not only appeals to young children looking to learn, but to anyone looking to learn full stop! Combining this keyboard with the #1 educational app in over 20 countries, the Piano Maestro iPad app, it’s the perfect learning tool.


When I first sat down at this keyboard to begin my research for this review, I first noticed how bright and sharp everything was. The look of the keyboard is great, and the LCD screen is also bright and easy on the eye.

It looks fun, and it sounds fun!

Like most of my reviews when it comes to keyboards, I spend the first few minutes (or probably hours lol) pushing as many buttons as I can. I love flicking through all the sounds and testing them out, as well as some of the rhythms.

I am an avid blues player, so I love testing out the swing and boogie rhythms, and these don’t disappoint. The backing accompaniment is of a high quality for something meant to be as a ‘starter’ keyboard and learner instrument, and I was presently surprised.

Overall the sound is fantastic for such a compact digital keyboard. It sounds even better when you have the headphones in as well. Here’s a video so you can experience the sound for yourself:

Touch and feel

When it comes to how a keyboard feels when playing it, I don’t always worry too much as you don’t tend to expect anything special. The RockJam RJ611 comes with the standard 61 keys, which is more than enough for a beginner. Not many songs go beyond that range, unless you are attempting some tricky classical songs, but most people opt for a piano if that’s your preference.

When you pay less than £100 for a keyboard you typically expect to see the standard flat keyboard keys, but this surprised me with thicker keys which have a little more weight to them. This may not seem very important for a beginner, but experienced players will tell you that this is a nice feature to have, as it allows the player to get a more ‘piano’ experience.


At around £80-£100 you can’t really go wrong. If you are looking to trade in your old keyboard or start from scratch and begin to learn, then typically you want to spend around the £100/$100 mark – which makes this the obvious choice.

The obvious factor when buying anything is ‘value for money’. This will last for years and has hundreds of features which will keep you busy for a very long time.

I would easily put a shelf life 2-4 years for this keyboard if you’re starting from scratch. It would certainly be a long time before you would consider upgrading.


If you’re looking to buy your very first keyboard or if this is a gift for your child, then look no further. Not only are you getting a great keyboard, it also comes as a complete package with stand, stool and headphones.

Easy to setup, and plug and play…

Additional information



No. of keys

61 keys

Key weight

Not weighted


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